Lunacy 2005

Lunacy: A horror movie testing two approaches to running an insane asylum – absolute freedom versus control and punishment – within the context of a world that combines the worst of both. Jean Berlot, a young man subject to a nightmare of being forced into a straitjacket by two orderlies, is befriended by a marquis. At the marquis’s estate, Jean witnesses a black Mass, buries someone alive, and is invited to try preventive therapy. He’s willing to enter a sanatorium because he believes he can rescue a young woman from there who has told him that the real director and staff of the clinic are locked in the basement. Jean conspires with her to set them free: the horrors have only begun.
Released: November 03, 2005
Runtime: 123 mins
Actors: Anna Geislerová Jan Triska Jaroslav Dusek Jirí Krytinár Martin Huba Pavel Liska Pavel Nový Stano Danciak


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Lunacy  2005

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